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Glamping Trend At Home: We Decode

Do you know “glamping”? A new trend that plays with glamor and camping! In a tourist and travel version, it’s sleeping under the stars in a modern bubble, investing in an ecolodge, staying in a cabin with romantic decor. In the end, this is all that takes the spirit away from the traditional image of camping: uncomfortable, lack of privacy … In short, a luxury campsite which has its own decorative codes and which can be reproduced in our own exterior.

Create a nomadic atmosphere with a boho spirit

Rather than installing deckchairs and two benches in the garden , glamping accessorizes, plays the Hollywood card to give us a completely fantasized nomadic remodel in the home. Sheer curtains, groundsheets, XXL cushions, lanterns, the decoration that is generally sought for a special occasion is becoming the norm.

Back to nature

For a glamping exterior, we avoid having to resort to too many modern elements. We prefer a brazier to the good old barbecue. For relaxation, we create a nap in the shade of a tree, or we hang a traditional hammock between two trunks. Glamping is joyful, so we don’t hesitate to play with floral prints that counterbalance the white that is often omnipresent in a glamping decor. Finally, in terms of materials and materials, glamping plays the nature card: linen, wicker, bamboo, straw, raw wood …

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