7 Necessary Steps to Clean Laminate Wood Floors

Laminate wood floor is an elegant choice. Do you know how to clean it? Here are steps to clean it so it will look great and sanitary all the time.

1. Sweeping

This is the simplest step for cleaning. Beside broom, you can also use the dust mop. You will need to clean your floor from loose debris or dust before you can head to the next steps. Do it slowly. This step should be included on daily cleaning.

2. Vacuum It

When the sweeping is done, you can continue on vacuuming the floor. For the attachment, you can try to use one with soft brush. Take your time while doing this. You also must pay attention on corners. Most pet hairs and dust are there. Soft brush can handle it.

3. Stains Cleaning

Several stains will need extra care. Window cleaner, warm water, detergent, mineral spirits, scouring powder, warm water, ice pack, and even chewing gum can be very helpful for you. Try to avoid hard cleaning products as much as possible. It will ruin your pretty flooring.Laminate Wood Floors 7 Necessary Steps to Clean Laminate Wood Floors

4. Cleaning Product Application

Try to use cleaning product with light and soft substance. Apply it by sections. Divide your room into several sections, and apply the product on each section thoroughly. This will be helpful to get real clean and clear floor. Do it regularly, but not too often.

5. Mopping

When all the dust, debris, pet hairs, and also stains are well removed, and you applied cleaning product already, you can start mopping. You need to dampen the sponge of the mop first, and also wring out the excess water. Then mop it along with the wood grain.

6. Clean Carpet

To keep the new and dashing look, you will also need to protect your floor. Use clean carpet to cover the floor. It will be useful as well to provide slippers in the house, and clean new stains and dirt just immediately. It helps you on cleaning it later.

7. Repeat Procedure 3, 4, and 5

If you held a party last night, you will probably need to repeat procedure 3, 4, and 5. You do not necessarily have to repeat it on daily basis cleaning.

The steps are pretty easy. You may want to do it with kids if you have big house, but all steps are simple enough to do by yourself without any help from professionals. Give it a try.

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