6 Eco-Friendly Tips in Cleaning Your Carpet

Right now, being eco friendly becomes the main concern of so many people. You must consider taking part on it including on your cleaning actions. It means cleaning your rug can also contribute a lot of things in saving the environment. How can we do it? Here are several tips.

1. Set Regular Carpet Cleaning Schedule

If you care enough on your carpet, you will prevent your own possibility in using chemical substance to clean it. Set the schedule so you can clean quite often. It will help you catch stains and spills immediately. However, immediate action on food spills is still necessary.

2. Vacuum and Blot

Try to vacuum and blot instead of hard rubbing your carpet. It needs smaller amount of water and chemical substance. These steps will be appropriate for regular and immediate cleaning. Do it yourself so you can make sure you conserve the water use as well.

3. Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Instead of hard chemical substances, suppliers now tend to offer eco friendly product to customers. You can check on the label. Eco friendly products are made of natural ingredients and materials. Commonly, they have “green” or “eco friendly” label in front. Ask your supplier for suggestion.eco carpet cleaning 6 Eco Friendly Tips in Cleaning Your Carpet

4. Effective Equipment

Instead of wasting resources, you can try steaming as cleaning alternative. It needs less water but it is very effective. You will need less shampoo and water. In addition to it, steaming means the best solution for fungal problems. Consider the effectiveness when you pick equipment.

5. Your Own Cleaning Product

If you cannot find eco friendly cleaning product, you can create your own. Baking soda and salt will be useful to clean dirt. For harder challenge, you can add warm water or warm towel to soak your carpet. Fresh lemon juice is effective for food and sauce spill.

6. Eco Friendly Professional

When you need to make big cleaning project, you can hire professional. Try to find one with eco friendly method. You will be able to find several of them now. They use friendly products, and they also apply only eco friendly method for cleaning.

You can see that the entire cleaning efforts are made to be effective as well as being eco friendly as possible. Instead of complicated, they are easy steps to follow. Plus, it is cost effective as well. So, try it now and learn how to contribute effort on environment saving while keeping your house sanitary.

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