10 Smart Tips for Rug Cleaning

Rug or carpet does not only function as accessories for the house. It also gives you warm and protection especially for kids from the hard floor. Cleaning it can be very challenging. Most of the time, we can damage it, or instead, we put family on hygiene risks. Here are several tips.

1. Prevent Paws and Outdoor Stain

You need door mat for this so people and your pets will not bring dirt and stain inside the house and on the carpet.

2. Never Rub!

Rub can damage your carpet or rug. So always blot while cleaning it. You will want it to be clean as well as pretty.

3. Vacuum Regularly

You can do it yourself. Vacuum your carpet and rug once a week or two. It will remove the dirt and dust. Stains will need further cleaning.rug cleaning 10 Smart Tips for Rug Cleaning

4. Immediate Solution When Needed

When food and drink spill on your carpet, you must clean it immediately. This will not only keep your carpet clean, but it also prevents germ and hard to clean stain.

5. Ready Towel for Cleaning

You must prepare towel or soft cloth near the door beside door mat so you can clean paws and stain immediately.

6. Avoid Hard Cleaning Products

Several hard cleaning products are mentioned to be working well. But it exposes your family on chemical substances effects and it can possibly ruin your valuable carpet.

7. Indoor Slippers

Provide your guests and family members special slippers they can use inside the house. It prevents outdoor dirt and stains away.

8. No High Heat

Unless it is on worst condition, you do not need high heat to clean your rug. Warm water and baking soda are enough to handle common problems already.

9. Over Night Cleaning

For hard stain, apply your natural cleaning over night and put heavy thing on top of the cloth you use to clean or soak. It gives you professional result.

10. Professional Cleaner

You may need to hire professional cleaner to clean carpet and rug with high daily traffic. You can call them once a month or after an event.

Now, you know how to treat and clean your carpet and rug without damaging it or risking family hygiene. Hiring professional is necessary but not as often as we always think. You can always do regular cleaning and immediate actions when needed. Now, give it a try and enjoy the benefits.

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