Cowhide Rugs: Versatile, Timeless & Stylish

cowhide rug living room ideasCowhide rugs are a tremendously versatile way to add natural beauty to any home, no matter what your design style. City Cows offers cowhide rugs in a variety of prints, finishes and colours of cow skin. The cow hide used is of premium quality and only from chosen tanneries from South America. These supreme cow skin rugs are extremely durable and hypo-allergenic, making them suitable for any décor. The variety of colours and patterns available is extensive, making it nearly impossible not to find one to suit your home’s style.


A speckled or brindle cowhide rug would be a great addition to any traditional style family room. Because of the durability and easy maintenance, a cow hide rug would be ideal on the floor where children can play and enjoy its pleasing texture. The cowhide is hypo-allergenic, making it safe for all members of the family. Another benefit to the cowhide rugs is the simple cleaning, leaving parents with fewer worries about dirt and grime. The durability of the cowhide ensures that it will not be easily damaged and will last for quite some time.

Urban living

Just starting out on her own, a young woman is looking to create her own style. She could use a cowhide rug as the statement piece in her new loft. The highly realistic zebra print cowhide or a cow skin with a metallic finish used as a wall hanging could be a striking work of art. City Cows has cowhide rugs in varying shades of bright colours and metallic finishes. A unique patterned cowhide can show a young woman’s independence and eclectic urban style. City Cows offers such a wide array of colours, she is sure to find a creative cow skin to match her personality.


The natural beauty of cowhide rugs make them an ideal complement to a rustic styled home. A traditional brown and white patterned cowhide thrown over a leather chair by the fireplace or a solid white cowhide atop a gorgeous sleigh bed would complete a rustic look. The cowhide rugs have an old country feel while still being modern. The classic solid colour choices of cowhide rugs add sophistication and opulence to a rustic design. The soft texture of the cow skin will give any home an inviting, comfortable feel.

Versatile, luxurious cowhide rugs can be used as traditional floor rugs, artistic wall hangings, or as throws over various pieces of furniture and much more. City Cows has blue cowhide rugs, gold metallic cowhide rugs, speckled cowhide rugs and standard black and white cowhide rugs, all made with the highest quality cowhide. Each unique cowhide rug is hypo-allergenic and durable and is sure to add luxury and style to any décor you choose.

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