8 Common Air Conditioning Problems and Troubleshooting Tips

Before you contact a professional service like a AC repair Phoenix, you should understand some of the common problems in the Air Conditioning. It seems like it is a trivial issue. Since you can call an expert, and then resolve all these issues. But, the most important thing is to find and understand the issues that you should be able to finish at home because it will save costs. So, here are 8 common air conditioning problems and troubleshooting tips.

# 1. Repeated Shuts on and off

Typically, this happens when you have an air conditioner in a long time. Of course, it would be very inconvenient because the machine is not working properly. Meanwhile, the temperature is unstable and you have to turn it off for a while. What causes it? It can be caused by a blocked condenser unit. Or it may be caused by dirty evaporator. How are we going to cope with it? So, you have to clean each unit of the air conditioner. If you have to clean everything in detail, it may be able to work again.

# 2. It Does not Cool

We will be very upset when it could not give a temperature that we expect. In fact, we have set the temperature at the maximum point. What happens? It is probable that it is caused by a thermostat. You should check it, and ensure that it is not problematic. In addition, there are other possibilities such as a dirty condenser. There are several things that could contaminate it as grass, weeds, and so forth. So, you can clean up any dirt in the condenser.

# 3. Inadequate water cooling

There are some problems that can be experienced as inadequate cooling water. You have set a certain temperature, but it does not seem to fit. Well, to check it, you can set the thermostat at a lower size. Try to set it up to 5 degrees. If that does not work, you can check the evaporator. Clean it, and then leave it for a few hours to observe the results. If it still does not work, no other damage to the size of the air conditioner.

# 4. Condenser is not working

What happens? When you turn on the air conditioner, it does not show signs. First of all, you can check the plugged-in power. If it is already plugged, you can fix the circuit breaker and fuse blown. Now, please turn it back and observe whether it is able to work as before. But, it probably will not work on certain conditions because there are other causes such as the age of the AC. Meanwhile, a temperature system should be able to work well as long as it is treated appropriately. Most people do not pay attention to it, and they only observe common problems.

# 5. Leaks

This is a problem that can occur in the refrigerant. If you see something wrong in it, you should contact a professional service because the refrigerant can be a bad influence on your home. By ensuring that the refrigerant problem, you can avoid a greater risk.

# 6. Sensor Problems

There are certain problems that occur on the thermostat sensor. It is located near the coil. If it moves, you can move it into place without touching it. You can use a wire that is located on the spot.

# 7. Electric Failure

That does not rule out the possibility that there is a problem in the electric control. Perhaps, it is due to the age factor of the AC. Consequently, it affects coils and filters. In addition, there are other causes such as corrosion. Perhaps, there are other causes such as the condition of the air conditioning is never treated. For months, it could cause damage. If it looks bad, you should contact a repair service because you could not fix without the assistance of a service.

# 8. Drainage

It is a matter that should be carefully observed because there are many things that cause damage to the drainage. When it does not draining properly, you should check if there is dirt there. Humid temperatures can cause damage to the engine. In addition, there are other problems such as clogged drain. You should check each part carefully, until you can find issues to be resolved.

Well, these are some of the problems of the AC that you could possibly fix. Or at least, you have to understand the condition of your air conditioner. So you just need to call a service to help you. Please observe each problem carefully.

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