7 Hot Tips for Go Green Bathroom

Being green can be done in your bathroom as well. It saves the environment. To be a part of this action, you can follow these tips.

Green Materials

Suppliers and developers now offer several building materials with eco friendly effect. They do not let mildew and mould so it will minimize the need to use chemical substance to clean it. In the end, this is a go green action and it makes your bathroom a green bathroom.

Dual Flush Toilet

The key of using dual flush toilet will be on how you conserve water. Being green also includes preserve the water and being effective on using it. Dual flush uses the same amount of water but clean better. Flush your toilet with the lit down to avoid spreading bacteria.

Slow Shower

This idea also concerns on conserving the water. Common shower gives you fast flows and this is possible that you will face leaking problems. In addition to it, you cannot be effective in using the water. Change your shower if it is still possible.eco bathroom 7 Hot Tips for Go Green Bathroom

Good Ventilation

Most bathrooms need regular and often hard cleaning because they are not completed with good air system and ventilation. Give it one so you do not have to apply chemical substance to clean the bathroom too often. If you have bad ventilation, try to use your own recipe to clean like mixing the baking soda and vinegar.

Green Body Products

Several skin and body products are available on green materials as well. They use less chemical substance so it brings a lot smaller effect on the environment. You should consider changing your products into these. They can be a little more expensive but it is worth it.

Green Bathroom Accessories

Your bathroom will need several accessories. The most visible one will be the shower curtain. It is intended to prevent water spread and leaking on your bathroom. However, manufacturers often use chemical substance. Check on the label and buy green material shower curtain. This is small step but very helpful.

Green Cleaners

Several cleaning products on suppliers commonly use a lot of chemical substances. Avoid using these products. Several products are now made of natural ingredients. In addition to it, you can also use the mixing of baking soda and vinegar for cleaning. This mixture is strong enough to handle hard stains.

Those are simple tips, but they are proven to be effective and helpful. The conserve actions make it green bathroom. Change your bathroom now. For more greener bathroom tips, ask professions at www.drdrip.com.au

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