8 Working Tips to Replace Bathroom Caulking

Bathroom is one of places at home we can relax. However, plumbing problems is not the only one interference we face. Caulking also needs replacement. We will need to replace the old one from time to time. Here are a few tips to handle this issue.

Check All Gap, Sides, and Corners

Before you start the replacing, it will be best to check all sides, gaps, and corners on your bathroom. It allows you to find the entire parts that need replacement, and then you can replace it entirely.

A Help of Pointy Sharp Things

You must remove the old caulk first. For this, you will need sharp and pointy things. You can always use a knife or utility knife on your box. Use it to rip off all old caulks on the gap.Bathroom Caulking 8 Working Tips to Replace Bathroom Caulking

Remover Product

Sometimes, old caulk will be too hard to handle. We will be able to find special remover products on suppliers. Apply this product first, and regular treatment will be enough to remove them.

Painter’s Tape Helps!

When you apply new caulk on the gap, you will need it to be right. Painter’s tape will be a great help for you to mark the area. Mark on both sides so you get it right as well.

What about Caulk Tube?

The best way to apply a caulk tube will be using the caulk gun. You can get it on suppliers for it. It helps you make straight line and decent and neat work.

Mildew Fight

Most reasons why people keep replacing old caulk is because of the caulk issue. Buy caulk which is mildew resistant. It gives you lasts longer caulk. The application will be just the same with the ordinary caulk.

Regular Cleaning and Checking

It is always useful to clean all surfaces on your bathroom. You can clean dirt and stains, and you can also check if several parts need caulk replacement. Regular cleaning and checking allow you to make early notice on replacement needs.

Re-Apply Near Water Flow

Several parts of the bathroom will be closely connected to water flow. Therefore, they will need different assessment as well. Reapply on these areas so you do not have to repeat the caulk again and again. Watch closely on parts of your tub and sinks.

Now, you can make your bathroom even more comfortable. You can clean the caulking by yourself. Those tips are helpful and are beneficial. Give it a try and enjoy a clean look of your bathroom!

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