6 Useful Tips in Using the Washing Machine

Washing machine is already designed to help you keeping a work simple enough to do. It is supposed to be very easy to use and also make washing a lost easier. However, we will need to do some actions that will keep you out of trouble and keep your washing machine lasts longer.Washing Machine 6 Useful Tips in Using the Washing Machine

Always and Always Read the Manual First

Manual gives you complete knowledge on the machine. You know the specification and all functions it has. You can also consider the right place, electricity source, and other needed supports for the machine too. This will help avoid miss use and wrong maintenance.

Follow the Manual

Beside enough basic knowledge on the machine, you will also find complete instructions in how to use it. Do not violate the weight capacity, and always wash your clothes orderly. The step-by-step instructions will guide you to appropriate washing. This avoids you from ruining the machine as well as the clothes.

Don’t Wash Too Often

It is always advised that we do the laundry during the weekend. Besides keeping it light and easy, you can save your washing machine so you can use it longer. A washing machine can work up to 10 years, but wrong use can shorten it.

Pre-Soak and Loose Clothes Go In

If your clothes are so dirty, you should soak it first using special detergent. When the stains are done, you can finish the rest using your washing machine. Get them in loosely so it does not force your machine to work a lot harder.

Lower Temperature

Washing machine will work shorter when you keep turning up the temperature and spin of the machine. Normally, 40° to 42° will work great on our clothes. So, we do not really need higher temperature unless our clothes are super dirty, in which we can soak them first.

Natural Dry

Instead of using high temperature on your washing machine to dry the clothes, we can always use natural air or wind. Beside it keeps your washing machine a little longer, it can also keep your clothes from hard treatment, which is dangerously damaging.

Those tips are easy and simple to do. You can wash the clothes easier and you can also have it a little longer. If you can do all the tips properly than you will probably enjoy using a washing machine. By then, doing a laundry will not be an issue anymore.

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