Kitchen Remodel Ideas incorporating Textured Tiles

Ceramic Tile Textured ConcreteGive your kitchen dimensional style with textured tiles

The kitchen is the hub of many homes; it’s a place to eat in comfort that you also want to be able to show off to visitors. If your kitchen needs a makeover how can you do this without spending a huge amount of money on the project?

Many people want to spritz up their kitchen but a lot of people don’t have a huge budget with which to do it. If this is you, don’t worry there’s an easy and affordable way to stamp your style on your kitchen; it’s called tiling – read more at ABL.

The textured tile trend

For years people have been using tiles in their kitchens, whether on entire walls or as a backsplash feature. Many of these tiles have been traditional square ones with a flat glossy or matt surface. But now the popularity of the textured tile is on the rise to add some dimension to your tiled areas. There are many types of textured tile to choose from.

The material mimicking textured tile

We’ve all seen photographs of the old style kitchens with their exposed brick features and many of us want to copy that style for a look of tradition in our own kitchen at home. The problem is that this can be an expensive feature to have in a home; it’s going to take a significant budget to make it happen.

So why not opt for brick look tiles which are much more affordable and can be made from various materials including thin reclaimed pieces of actual brick. They make a great splash back feature especially in traditional style kitchens.

Another popular look in a kitchen is wood, again often on a feature wall. But you don’t have to fit actual wood in the room to get the look. Textured tiles are the perfect option to give you the look and feel of wood and they are less problematic to put on the wall, and remove should you ever want textured tile traditional design

You can still opt for traditional colors

Just because you want a textured tile doesn’t mean you have to abandon the traditional colors that have been brightening kitchens for years. It does mean that these colors can now have a more contemporary feel. There are several types of plain white tile that have raised patterns on them, and give some dimension to your kitchen design as opposed to the traditional flat surfaces.

Décor to complement your tiles

If you opt for traditional looking brick or wood tiles then why not add some traditional features to the whole room, with a bit of a modern vibe thrown in. Choose a wooden table and chairs but opt for individual pieces instead of a matching set. This look is on trend and also means that you should be able to find some pre-owned individual chairs at yard sales or auctions for an affordable price. Even if they are in need of a bit of attention this is no problem if you have some paint, a brush and a bit of patience.

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