Moving Again? Use This Guide to Help Ease the Pain

Are you moving house again? It’s something none of us like doing, there’s so much to think about in arranging those essential tasks. Ease the burden with this checklist so you can start living your life again as soon as possible.

Tip: Start making your arrangements at least 4 weeks before your move has been scheduled.moving house furniture checklist

Local Services

Locate and keep records of the local services in your new town. Scout out doctors rooms, local shops, chemists, hospitals and other medical services you and your family may need to call on at some point.

What to Keep and what Not to Keep

Make a list of those items, any items, which have had no or little use over the last 12 months. Arrange a garage sale and list anything worth value on local classifieds. Any unwanted collections such and stamps and books, Ebay is a great way to make a quick sale. Moving is an ideal time to de-clutter, don’t transfer your junk from one house to the next. Measure the areas in your new home to ensure your furniture and white goods will fit into their new spaces.


Contact your broker or insurance agency letting them know your intention to move house. Obtain quotes and cover notes to insure your house and contents in case of any unexpected property or third party damage that may occur during or after the moving process.

Transfer Records

Update any institutions of your new address such as banks, schools, doctors, Centrelink, work and sports clubs. If you have children, make sure you have a recent copy of their immunization records.moving house without stress

Book Your Removalist

Finding a reputable and trustworthy furniture removalist is paramount. Always ensure your preferred moving company advertises unconditional no damage policies and has both transit and third party property insurances in place. Make sure you hire a removalist team that has recent customer testimonials such as the removalists in Brisbane & Sunshine Coast.

Packing Boxes

You can and probably should start packing your boxes 3-4 weeks prior to moving. Pack heavy items in small boxes such as books. Pack lighter items such as linen in big boxes. Order packing materials such as boxes, tape and wrapping paper well in advance – packing the boxes is the most tedious part of the process: colour code your boxes so your moving company knows exactly what goes where.

Two Weeks to go:

* Redirect your mail.

* Arrange cleaners – keep your electricity connected until after the house clean is done.

* Return any borrowed DVD’s and library books.

* Use any perishable foods stored in your freezer.

* Confirm moving dates with your removalists.

One Week to go:

* Contact your energy supplier 4 days prior to connect your gas and power.

* Arrange to have utilities disconnected and reconnected, such as internet, pay tv, water and phone lines.

* Finish off any last minute maintenance or repairs.

* Clean ovens, fridge/freezer and dishwasher.

One Day to go:

* Pack a bag of essential items – bedding, toiletries.

* Gather keys, garage remote controls or padlocks to be handed over on your departure.

Moving Day:

* Switch off the hot water service.

* Check all doors, windows and any entry points are locked and secure. At your new residence, test all keys are working or make arrangements for the locks to be changed.

* Keep a separate bag or box to store valuables such as cash, documents and jewellery.

* After the removalists have finished delivering your items, check for any damage so you can make any necassary insurance claims.

That wraps up our moving checklist, hopefully this guide will help you transistion into your new home with a minimum of fuss.

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