4 Things to Know When Shopping for a Queen Size Bed

Buying a new bed is a huge decision which shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you’ve set your sights on a queen-sized bed, there are a few things you should know before you go in to make the purchase (or order it online). To help you make the best purchase possible, we’ve put together four things that every person should know when looking to purchase a queen-sized bed.

1. Are You Sleeping Alone or Sharing?

While sleeping in a queen-sized bed might seem like an extremely roomy option (60×80 inches, or 5’0? by 6′ 8?), keep in mind that it can be deceiving. Despite how large the mattress might look, two people on a queen bed will only yield 30 inches of sleeping space (width) for each person. To put that in perspective, that is less space than you have if you are sleeping in your own twin bed.

This is something to keep in mind if you and your partner require or enjoy extra sleeping room, at which point it might behoove you to look into king-sized mattresses. If you are fine with sleeping in a queen—or are sleeping along—then go ahead with your choice. Keep in mind that memory foam mattresses will help you get a better sleep with two people in the bed because it provides less motion transfer when one person shifts, leaving the other undisturbed. Memory foam can also be obtained in the form of a pillow topper, which sits on top of the mattress, offering another layer of cushioning and motion transfer resistance.Elegant Queen Size Bed

2. What Type of Queen Bed Do You Want?

There are various styles of queen beds that you can choose from, with options ranging from the headboard, to the posts, to having storage space to your budget. Take all of these factors into consideration, as well as the following:

  • Four Post Bed. A queen bed with four posts simply means that you have a headboard, footboard, and a large, rising post on every corner. Often, these are raised off the ground providing underbed storage space, but that means the mattresses sit higher. This might not be ideal for elderly or young people who fall out of bed. Look for contemporary or Victorian four post beds to keep it elegant and classic.
  • Sleigh Bed. If the bed you are looking at has a headboard and footboard that look like the curvature of a sleigh (think Santa), you are viewing a sleigh bed. Know for their elaborate decorations and fine wood finishes, you can really make a decorative statement here, but at a cost.
  • Canopy Bed. A canopy bed is considered more feminine than other types of queen beds as they are typically draped in fabric falling down from high posts that reach the ceilings. The ensuing effect is reminiscent of a bride’s veil. If heavier “curtains” are desired, complete privacy can be obtained by drawing them shut. Canopy beds can be practical in a bedroom that has a mosquito problem as netting can replace the draping fabrics.
  • Storage Drawers. Finally, you can find queen-sized beds that have drawers on the bottom of the bed, giving you the option to keep dust out from under the bed while having extra storage space.

3. What Material is Your Queen Bed Made Of?

Next, you’ll want to decide on the material your bed is made of. There are three main types of materials for queen beds and they are as follows:

  • Wood. Whether you have cedar, cherry wood, oak or maple, the type of wood your queen-sized bed is made of will likely match the décor of your home. Look for options in color, grain patterns, heavy/lightness, antique vs. “new” wood, etc.
  • Upholstered. Upholstered beds are simply wooden frames that have been covered on the headboard and footboard with cushioned upholstery, giving it a more “comforting” look. Of course, the upholstery can be leather or fabric, so choose based on how much wear and tear (e.g. pets, kids, stains, etc.) you know it’s going to get.
  • Iron. Wrought iron can be ornate and delicate looking while still providing you the most sturdy option in bedding. You can go from extremely punchy to extremely airy, depending on how you design the bedroom around an iron bed. Look for designs, scrolls, and more to make your bed pop out. Iron beds can also be made of pewter, silver and bronze, but just be aware that iron and metal beds cost quite a bit more.

4. Where to Get the Best Deal on a Queen Bed

Finally, you’ll want to be sure that you are looking in the right place for your queen-sized beds once you decide on the type, style and size that you want. To find the best deals on the largest selection of queen-sized beds online, check out various online shopping websites today.

Author Bio – This guest post is written by James Andrews from http://www.downcomforterworld.com/

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