A Guide to Purchasing New Office Furniture

Every workplace needs an upgraded set of furniture at some point for all sorts of different reasons, from taking employee welfare into account to replacing old, worn out desks. You should always take great care when selecting your new office furniture as you’ll want to comply with health & safety and employee welfare regulations.how to choose office furniture set

When replacing your furniture or furnishing a new office space, it’s important to take a host of different factors into account, including the type of work your doing, your design preference for the office space and how much you’re prepared to spend. Here are three important things to consider when equipping your office with new furniture.

Whose It For?

Before starting your search, make a note of the different departments that are likely to use the new furniture. The content department for an internet marketing company is likely to spend plenty of time sitting down, so choosing comfortable, user-friendly furnishings for these types of employees is essential.

On the other hand, departments that are regularly on the go might require somewhere to relax during a lunch break. If you’re unsure as to what could be the perfect fit for your employees, you can always ask them what their preferred office furnishing would look like. Some members of staff might even have close links with office furniture providers.executive office furniture sets

What’s Your Motive?

If you’ve just moved to the new office then this isn’t a particularly difficultly question to answer but you also need to take into account the reasons behind a specific furnishing preference. For example, you might have a lack of storage space available with your current desks or you might have been getting complaints from the rest of the team about chairs being uncomfortable.

Whatever the reasons are for pursuing new office furniture, you should always keep them in mind. Try to ignore the extremely specific design details that could be the difference between a great deal and a small fortune.

What’s Your Budget?

Once you’ve got in touch with an office furniture supplier, they will look to give you a quotation for a wide range of furnishings and they should also provide you with all the extra costs that would need to be taken into account, including the delivery and installation process.

Once you’ve got in touch with them, make sure you find out exactly what they’ve included in the quotation so that you can rule out the possibility of having an accumulation of unexpected costs to deal with.

With your motive in mind, try and obtain the best possible deal by purchasing your entire furniture selection in bulk. Make sure that all the necessary products are included if you decide to pursue their own bulk proposition of bulk products.

Mike James is an entrepreneur and self-starter with a sales and marketing background and these days works in business consultancy and also writes about small business issues for Whiteleys Office Furniture.

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