Hardwood Flooring

7 Effective Tips to Clean Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floor is a valuable detail for a house. Cleaning it can be tricky sometimes. Here are some tips to enrich your cleaning method.

1. Daily Cleaning

The best way to prevent hard and heavy cleaning for the wood flooring will be daily cleaning. Set a time in the morning and afternoon to sweep your hardwood floor. It will remove debris and dust of the day, so it will avoid stain and marks as well.

2. Regular Vacuum

You can do it once every week or two to make sure that the corners are clean as well. Swept dust and debris tend to collect in corners and you can only clean it up by vacuuming your floor. It does not need to be too often.

3. Immediate Action

When you see water or sauce or food spilled on your hardwood floor, you must immediately wipe it up with soft cloth and water if needed and dry it up with dry cloth. It prevents stains and also damage from bacteria to your valuable hardwood floor.

4. Dry Mop

Mopping hardwood floor can be different. You need dry mop that is dampened lightly on water. Be careful on the corner of the mop. If it is made of stainless steel, it can scratch your floor. You need to be really careful while using it.

5. Carpet Runners

You will high traffic areas. On these areas, it will be best that you have rug and carpet runners so your hardwood floor is also protected from dirt and scratch. It will help a lot especially when it is time for you to clean up everything.

6. Vacuum Rugs

Your rugs and carpets can have dirt and also other damaging substances. To make sure that your hardwood is clean from it, you will need to vacuum the area rugs regularly too. It will remove all dirt and bacteria under the rugs ruining your hardwood floor.

7. No Shoes Inside

From the outside, people are carrying so many substances, dirt, and also stain makers on their shoes and sandals. Set a rule that outdoor shoes and sandals are not allowed in your house. You can also provide indoor slippers for everybody so your cleaning duty can be easier to do.

Those tips are based on real experience and you will like how it gives you smooth and flawless result too. Now you can begin cleaning. Have fun!

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