Energy Saving Strategies for Homeowners to Lower Utility Bills

Owning a home can be a huge expense. Often your utilities are the most substantial of your monthly bills. Too often homeowner spend way more than necessary on their utilities, wasting energy and money. Instead of being wasteful, making some small changes and adjustments around the house can save you a considerable amount of money. Here are some of the best energy saving strategies for homeowners to help lower utility bills.

First, consider your lighting. The first thing to check out is your bulb wattage. Often we use a higher watt than necessary. The higher the wattage, the more energy is needed to power that bulb. If you have a high watt bulb in an area that doesn’t require much bright light, you may want to lower it to cut back on energy use. Another bulb change you should consider is switching to energy efficient light bulbs. These bulbs can provide the same brightness and wattage that you need, but they use a fraction of the energy that a normal light bulb would use. These cost more to buy, but the amount of money you will save long term helps to offset this initial investment considerably. Energy efficient bulbs also last drastically longer. This means you don’t need to change bulbs as often or buy them as frequently. No matter what kind of bulb you use, you can also save money by diligently shutting off any and all lights when you leave a room. Save a watt!

Next, think about your HVAC heating and cooling system. To make sure this works best, be sure to have a professional come in for routine maintenance once per year. This will ensure that everything is working efficiently. Also, you can maintain your furnace on your own by changing out furnace filters every few months. Keep air ducts clean as well to ensure air is passing freely into the rooms of your home. To reduce heating and cooling loss, make sure your home is well insulated and sealed. A simple fix you can do in a weekend is caulk your windows and doors to reduce drafts. This will keep your home comfortable while reducing energy waste and improving the longevity of your HVAC system.

Appliances also use quite a bit of energy. When not in use, unplug alliances like computers, toasters, coffee makers and more. Even if they are “off” just having them plugged in uses energy throughout the day, which can add up quickly. When it comes to large appliances like your refrigerator, consider buying Energy Star approved appliances. These undergo rigorous tests and must meet strict efficiency standards. Again, they are a bit more expensive but will use a lot less energy than regular units.

All of these tips are practical, simple and absolutely effective in helping homeowners to lower utility bills and save energy at home. Implementing these ideas will save you money and allow you to feel good about your impact on the environment and your home’s overall sustainability. Be sure to talk to an HVAC specialist for more info on reducing energy waste as well as theirĀ indoor air quality services.

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