5 Major Home Renovation Projects That Are Worth the Expense

There are several reasons why people decide to renovate their home. Sometimes, it’s to change the look of their house. Sometimes, it’s to make it more energy efficient. Sometimes, it’s to make their house larger. Yet no matter what the reason may be, it’s important that renovation projects are ones that will actually prove to be worth the expense. By that we mean, renovations need to be ones that will ultimately increase the property value of the house.

If you’re thinking about doing a bit of updating to your home and you’re curious to know about the ones that will ultimately pay off the most, we’ve got a list of five renovation projects that are truly worth the time, effort and expense below:

Get a new front door. If you currently have a solid wood door, then while it is attractive and it provides a great amount of protection, the reality is that they tend to also require a lot of maintenance too. That’s why we recommend you going with a steel door. Not only are they easier to care for, but if you choose one that comes with glass windows, it can raise the property value of your home by as much as $1,200 easily.

Remodel your attic. Do you wish that you had another bedroom or even bathroom in your house? Although you could hire a contractor to add a new room onto your home, that tends to require building permits. Plus, you usually end up losing some of your yard space in the process. Another approach that you can take that’s a lot easier is to change your attic into one of these rooms. It tends to cost you around $50,000 to do so, but it’s quicker than adding on. Also, if you do decide to put your house on the market, prospective buyers will always be happy to hear there is an addition bedroom or bathroom inside of the home.

Renovate your kitchen. If you’re curious to know about what room in your house can yield you the biggest return when it comes to renovating it, our vote would be the kitchen. By doing things like changing the flooring, adding some granite countertops and upgrading your cabinets, you can easily make about 68 percent return if you were to sell your house.

Purchase some Energy Star appliances. Are you on a bit of a budget and you want to upgrade your kitchen but you don’t have several thousands of dollars to spend? If you were to consult with a kitchen remodeling company like¬†Renewal Design-Build about a cheaper kitchen¬†home renovation project that you can do, one thing that they might recommend is purchasing some Energy Star appliances. By replacing your current refrigerator or dishwasher with one that has an Energy Star label on it, you can save 30-40 percent on energy costs. For more information on Energy Star products, visit EnergyStar.gov.

Build a wooden deck. Something that is always a smart addition to the exterior of a home is adding on a wooden deck that you can create an outdoor room on. Although initially it might seem like an overwhelming task, the reality is that you can oftentimes build one over the course of a couple of weekends, and it can yield you a resale return of about 57 percent. For tips on how to build your own deck, visit Lowe’s This Old House or Trex and put “build your own deck” in the search field.

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