5 Creative Decorating Ideas to Make a Small Bedroom Look Larger

If you’re someone who happens to love everything about your bedroom other than its size and you’ve been trying to figure out how you can at least make it appear larger than it actually is, then you’ve come to the right place. In just a few minutes, you are going to see some of the ways that you can make your bedroom look larger without spending a ton of money in the process below:

Choose colors that reflect light rather than absorb light. One way to make your bedroom appear larger than it actually is to pay attention to the colors that you choose to paint the walls. Remember that if you use neutral hues or pastels, that will help to reflect light, which will help to make your room seem bigger. That’s why it’s best to choose those shades over darker ones that actually absorb light. As an additional tip, if you want your ceiling to appear taller, be sure to paint it the same color as your walls too.

Install a pendant. When it comes to lighting, something that you can do to make your bedroom larger is to put up window treatments that bring in more natural light. That would include things like sheer curtains or Roman shades. And what about a fixture that you can put up for the evening? Our vote is a pendant. If you put it up on your ceiling, it will take up hardly any space at all.

Add some mirrors. Something that can give the optical illusion that your bedroom is bigger than it is if you put up a big mirror. However, for this to work, placement is key. By putting it on a wall that is adjacent to your window, that can make your bedroom appear almost twice the size of what it actually is. Another thing that you can do is put a big mirror on the front of your closet door. It will help to provide a similar effect.

Use some multi-purpose pieces. If you were to consult with a company like Stash Inc. about something that you can do to make your small bedroom look larger, something that they might recommend is purchasing some multi-purpose pieces. By this we mean looking for items that can do several things at once. One example would be an ottoman. There are many of them that are designed in such a way that you can use them as a form of storage and as something to sit on or put your feet on top of. You can find ottomans at an affordable price at stores like Target and even Walmart.

Try a daybed, sofa bed. When it comes to furniture that goes into a bedroom, definitely the biggest piece would have to be the bedroom. And since a lot of beds tend to take up a lot of space, if you want to create a bit more room, try getting a daybed, a sofa bed or a futon. All of these can help to provide you with a comfortable night’s rest without taking up all of the room in your bedroom in the process. Happy decorating!

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