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6 Tips for Floor Tile Installation

If you are going to install your own tile floors, you will need more than step by step manual in doing it. Based on experiences, it can be simple but also tricky procedure. You will want it to be right since the first time because repeating the entire procedures all over again is seriously dull.

Here are useful tips for Floor Tile Installation.

1. Never Use Wet Stones

Wet stones should be avoided. You should let them dry first before you can begin the installation. Wet stones will not give enough support and basic for the floor at last. Natural dry is the best so you can leave them exposed on sun light during the day.

2. White Thinset Priority

We will need to use thinset as well while installing the floor. It is preferable that we use the white thinset instead of the other colors. Grey one can bleed and we need to prevent it from travertine lighter in the middle of process.

3. Thinset Condition

Beside the color, we also need to check if the thinset is in good condition. It always needs to be thick and sticky enough to support the floor. In addition to it, we also need to be as consistent as possible. Ultraflex II is highly recommended.

4. The Grout

We will have options for the grout. Commonly, we will need to choose between sanded and non sanded one. Your choice will be non sanded one. It gives you more than quality but also makes perfect help for the tiles. Make sure you do not choose it wrong.

5. Tile Seal

You will use mortar in the process. Mortar can give you stain on the tiles. Therefore, it is always wise to have the entire tiles pre seal first even before you can start the installation. You will want the tiles to be smooth and flawless even in color.

6. Final Touch

When the tile is installed, seal it with the appropriate type. Before that, you must test the seal on small part on the tile. Make sure that you already use the right type.

Try to remember those tips so you will be able to follow the guide and prevent additional problems in the processes. Take your time while you are installing. You may want to make pause too so the result will be flawless. You also need to pay attention on all details for perfect final result. Good luck!

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