Strange Types of Themed Baths Around The World

Planning on renovating your bathroom? Will you go for a modern style light coloured bathroom? Or maybe you like traditional looking baths from places such as ancient Greece and Japan? Either way, choosing the right bathroom is crucial, as you’ll have to look at your new bathroom for years to come. With that in mind, maybe it is better off using a professional bathroom designer than simply basing your new bathroom off of foreign styles. Sometimes their most popular baths are as strange! Here are some very odd styles of baths that you can experience when visiting various spas both in the UK and abroad.light coloured bathroom Strange Types of Themed Baths Around The World

Green Tea anybody?
Now you can enjoy a cuppa while you’re in a cuppa. Famed for their love of the traditional Green Tea, many Japanese baths now offer a specialised Green Tea themed baths. That isn’t just coloured water, that is actually Green Tea! And it has some brilliant after effects. Because your body absorbs nutrients and heat through your skin, a green tea herbal bath will help you to relax and it will also detox you, plus you will also receive the mineral benefits of the green tea, if you don’t much like the taste of the green tea.

Buried up to the Neck
Everyone remembers their first trip to a sandy beach, especially if it was a hot day. The feeling of your feet sinking into the warm sand was almost relaxing, even if you felt like you paid for it later on when shaking sand out of your socks! Sand baths are an extremely popular form of treatment all across the world, but that doesn’t make it any less strange. Both artificial and naturally heated sand baths are quite common, and the coarseness of the sand actually exfoliates your skin and removes dead skin cells, while the heat from the sand helps to soothe aches and pains.

Coffee Baths

As if you weren’t addicted to caffeine enough as it is! There is a special ‘onsen’ or Japanese bath in Hakone, near Tokyo, that provides a special coffee bath. The coffee is brewed and then poured into the baths, although because it is treated it is certainly not suitable for drinking. Apparently the coffee baths also help to fight fatigue and rejuvenate the skin, but we have yet to know the long lasting results of bathing in coffee. Maybe give this one a miss.

Japan is the world’s most traditional ‘bathing culture’ and they have a number of other strangely themed baths to offer, including chicken noodle soup and wine themed baths. We might shake our heads at this strangeness, but with the growing aging population in Japan, you have to think, maybe these weird baths have more going for them than they first appear? Maybe we’d be better off making the switch to green tea instead of drinking water? Who knows.

Carrie Markers is an interior design enthusiast with a penchant for redesigning rooms in her house on a regular basis to keep things up to date with current trends and designs. She also writes on interior design topics for TBBC Bathrooms, The Brighton Bathroom Company.

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