Top 5 Money-Saving Landscaping Tips for Homeowners

Landscaping can be expensive, which is one of the main reasons why homeowners skip the whole process. Not only can this make your yard look boring, but you may also be dealing with plants that are turning brown or dying. The last thing you want is to have your house be the one house on the block with an aesthetically unpleasing lawn. This can affect your neighborhood, but it can also affect the resale value of your home. Have you ever heard of curb appeal? If you don’t take good care of your lawn, it could affect your curb appeal, which is one of the most important factors of a home’s valuation process. Here are the top five money-saving landscaping tips for homeowners.

  1. Trust your gut when speaking with a professional landscaping company. You can actually get a great deal if you work with a landscaping company that you can trust, like Wheat’s Landscape. However, if you get a company that is charging you a lot of money, but isn’t really producing any worthwhile ideas, you probably want to go with another company or take on the landscaping yourself.
  2. Get free advice from nurseries and even horticulturalists. You don’t need to be an expert to build a beautiful front or backyard – all you need is a little resourcefulness. By going to a nursery, you can get plenty of lawn care tips for the type of soil you have, the climate of your area or even the plants that are native in your particular region. If you live near a university, you may even be able to tap the knowledge of a horticultural professor or budding horticulturalist that is attending classes.
  3. Build with your neighbors. If you have a close knit community that cares about the beautification of your neighborhood, you may be able to share the landscaping costs with the people living closest to you. This can be especially helpful if you have lawns that are close or touching. Not only can you save on the landscaping costs, but you can also save on other costs too, like maintenance. Plus, you can share in duties of taking care of the lawn, which can save time.
  4. Get free manure from local farms. If you live close to farm country, you can easily pick up free manure for a fraction of the cost as compared with a major nursery or retail center. While picking up the manure in your brand new sedan may not be a good idea, you can easily task the services of a local teenager with a pickup truck to pick up the manure for you.
  5. Plant flora that doesn’t require too much maintenance. If you really want to save money, you have to have a macro perspective when it comes to your front or backyard. For example, do you really want to plant trees, bushes and other flora that are particularly hard and expensive to take care of? – Probably not. So, when you are trying to find flora species to plant, make sure that you choose varieties that are low maintenance.

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