5 Common Misconceptions About Home Heating and AC Systems

Every home owner has a heating and cooling system, however most don’t know much about these systems or how to maintain them properly. This lack of knowledge or misinformation can result in heating and cooling problems over time which are expensive and inconvenience. Here are 5 common misconceptions about home heating and AC systems that every homeowner should know and understand.

  1. If it is still running, everything is fine. FALSE! While your heating and AC systems may still turn on and “work”, it doesn’t mean that they are working in optimal condition. You need to do regular maintenance on your heating and cooling systems in order to preserve their integrity, keep them in good condition and ensure their efficiency. You should hire an HVAC professional to inspect tour systems at least once per year so look at carrier air conditioners and heat pumps and to complete any necessary adjustments or repairs. While this is an expense, it will save you from having to install a completely new system or pay for extreme repairs later on due to neglect.
  2. Another common misconception is that you simply need to change out the filters regularly and that’s enough. While this is important and it is a good start, only changing the filters will not be enough to keep your heating and AC systems in optimal condition. In addition the blower should be inspected and possibly lubed, refrigerant levels need to be check and so much more!
  3. Many homeowners believe that heating and cooling maintenance contracts are a waste of money. While you system may be working fine now, inspections are essential to the longevity and efficiency of your system. These HVAC systems are complex systems that a professional needs to work on. You can compare this to hiring someone to change your oil or inspect your car regularly. As you wouldn’t drive without knowing your car has been properly serviced, it is not wise to use a heating and cooling system that has not been looked at, repaired and maintained well.
  4. Another myth is that you can hire a cheap service to do the job. You get what you pay for. While you should look out for companies that try to over charge you, you should also avoid underpaying. While it is an expense, it is better to pay a medium amount for inspections upfront than it is to pay huge fees to replace or repair an un-maintained, neglected heating and cooling system. Consider this an investment in the system’s efficiency and longevity. Your energy savings will offset this cost in most cases as well, so it is a smart financial choice.
  5. Finally, many people don’t think that air quality is a problem in their home. Pretty much every home has an air quality issue, it is just a matter of how severe the problem actually is. Changing out your HVAC filter is one place to start in order to reduce indoor dust, pollen and allergens. However, this usually is not enough and professionals can help to implement indoor air quality control solutions that are essential to the cleanliness of your house but more importantly the health and safety of your and your family.

Despite popular belief, heating and cooling system maintenance in a lot more complicated than changing out a filter and a lot more important than people realize. Caring for your systems can help to save you money, improve air quality, reduce serious problems, and more. Be sure to maintain your systems on your own, but also have a professional come in to inspect the systems annually for best results that will be long lasting.

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