Simple Design Ideas to Make a Small Bathroom Look and Feel Larger

When you have a small bathroom space, it an often feel tiny, cramped and cluttered. This not only look bad but it also make staying organized and tidy very difficult to do. While expanding your bathroom often isn’t an option, there are things you can do to make your bathroom seem larger quickly and easily. Here are some simple design ideas to help make your small bathroom look and feel larger and more spacious.

  1. Mirrors can help to make any space feel larger, especially a small bathroom. Mirror reflect light, helping to keep the bathroom open and airy feeling. In addition, the reflection of your room can provide the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is.
  2. Utilize storage space or create storage if needed. Often small bathrooms do not often much storage space or closets. This can lead to clutter and disorganization which in turn makes the space seem smaller and more full of stuff! Consider optimizing under sink storage with pull out shelves or trays. You can also install a cabinet over your toilet since this is often underutilized, wasted space that can be used to store your toiletries and cleaning supplies in a tidy, tucked away manner. Here you can store hand towels so that they are easy to access and convenient but also organized and neat.
  3. When choosing a paint color for your small bathroom space, paint the room in a light color, preferably a nude or neutral shade. Shades like beige, white, off white, light gray, or cream are ideal. First of all they are great go design purposes because they will always go with the rest of your bathroom’s decor. Second, they help to open up a space and keep if from feeling small. Dark colors are overwhelming in tiny bathrooms and can make the space feel darker, and more closed in.
  4. Add lighting. If you have a window in your bathroom, let the light shine through. Often a regular clear window can be an invasion of privacy, but closing the window with blinds or curtains blocks out so much natural light! Instead, consider a matte finish for your windows so that the light comes through but no one can see in or out of the bathroom! In addition to keeping windows open so natural light can come in, consider the lighting you have set up in this space. Provide an overhead light that is warm but provides enough illumination. You may also add extra lights such as a small lamp on the counter space or a light in the shower overhead. Keeping a space light and well-lit can make a huge difference in the feeling of your small bathroom, giving the impression that it is bigger.

All of these ideas are simple DIY projects that can truly make a significant difference in your small bathroom space. Not only will these tips make the small feel larger, but they will also help with storage issues, maximizing the space that you do have. Be sure to get more ideas about how to execute these projects at exotic home expo so that you can get started on your home’s bathroom design!

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