Common Home Heating System Issues in Winter

During the cold winter months, we rely on our heating systems to keep us warm and comfortable all season long. Unfortunately, issues can arise if we are not careful that can cause your heater to break, have issues, or fail to adequately warm up your living spaces. Here are some common heating issues that often arise in the wintertime.

First, the thermostat is often the number one culprit of heating issues. Luckily thermostats are not very difficult or costly to repair or replace, so if this is your problem, it is nothing to worry about! There are many signs to look out for that can tell you if the thermostat is the source of your heating problems at home. Look to see if the room temperatures matches the thermostat setting. If the temperature is significantly higher or lower than the number set on the thermostat, it may not be properly calibrated. Another explanation for this is that the thermostat may be located somewhere that is exposed to a cold draft or the heat of the sun, causing it to misread the actual temperature of the majority of your home’s spaces.

A second common cause of home heating problems in the winter time could be traced back to your home’s insulation and energy efficiency. If your home is not well sealed or insulated, warm air is likely escaping from gaps, cracks and spaces, while also allowing in cold drafts. Be sure to seal up your home’s windows and doors properly. Inspect the perimeter of windows and doors to see if you notice or feel drafts. Then, seal around the edges with an indoor caulk. Also, for exterior doors, consider installing a door sweep. These sweeps keep out drafts while also improving the air quality of your home, reducing dust and dirt!

Finally, air flow can be another issues preventing heat from accessing your home appropriately. Be sure to check out your vents to make sure they are open and not closed off partially or completely. Closed vents block air form entering the rooms of your home, drastically changing the temperature and also wasting energy. Another cause could be dirty filters and coils. Change out furnace filters once every 30 days for the best results. To keep the entire system clean and functioning, be sure to have a professional come in to do maintenance twice per year to ensure everything is working properly and efficiently. This will extend the lifetime and longevity of your heating system, saving you money and protecting your investment for the long term.

TheseĀ 3 common heating issues are easy to identify and correct in most cases as long as you know what you are looking for and how to solve the problem. Being proactive and on top of your heating system’s maintenance can make a huge difference. Be sure to check the thermostat, ducts and filters, as well as insulation in your home to get to the source of your home’s heating system issues this winter.

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