3 Major Benefits of Creating a Weekly Lawn Maintenance Schedule

Many people underestimate the importance of lawn maintenance. Maintaining your lawn isn’t only imperative for the sake of having a beautiful lawn, it is also for the sake of having a beautiful home, neighborhood and community. It is true that a poorly maintained lawn can lower the curb appeal of your property. If you ever put your home on the market, having a beautiful lawn will get you higher offers and more interest from buyers. And when it comes to keeping your lawn looking verdant and flourishing, it is critical to keep a schedule. Sometimes it can be hard to get your priorities straight, but having an agenda will make sure that you stay on track. Here are three major benefits of creating a weekly lawn maintenance schedule.

One of the major benefits of creating a schedule for your lawn maintenance and garden care is that it will force you to be dedicated. The truth is that your yard isn’t going to water, fertilize and trim itself. Amazing lawns don’t just come out of thin air – they come out of dedication. If you are a homeowner, it is your duty to take care of your lawn and to make sure the grass stays green and that the plants and flowers stay abundant.

When it comes to garden care, most flowers and grass breeds need to be watered and fertilized on a regular basis. Creating a schedule will allow you to know how much water or fertilizer you have given your lawn and when. Also, a lot of grass lawns need to be watered at exactly the same time every single week. It can be hard to know what day and what time you watered the lawn without a record. If you stray too far from the schedule, your lawn could respond negatively.

Another benefit of creating a schedule is that you can fit lawn care into your own busy schedule. Many people have busy and chaotic lives – and don’t have time for their lawns. So, just like you would include meetings and other important activities into your schedule – you also want to fit in watering, trimming and maintaining your lawn. It will be a lot easier to fit in a half hour of watering and trimming into your day if it is jotted down next to your daily appointments.

Lastly, the third major benefit of keeping a schedule is that it will allow you to see the progress that your lawn is making. During the course of a season, you may notice that your lawn responds to different stimuli, like changing the blade of your mower. During some seasons, you want to change the blade of your mower to allow your grass to receive and absorb a certain amount of water. Of course, this has to do with the breed of grass you have, but it can help to experiment. In the end, keeping a schedule is a great way to find the best maintenance formula that will keep your lawn looking incredible for a long time to come.

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