5 Home Upgrades You Can Tackle in One Weekend

As a homeowner, it may seem like you never have time to get around to the repairs and updates you want to do. While some projects are time-heavy and involved, others are simple, quick and effective. Here are 5 home upgrades that you can tackle in just one weekend!

  1. Install a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats range in options and prices. They are simple to install and can make a huge difference in your home’s energy needs. These devices can help you to cut back on energy waste at home while also keeping your home comfortable all day long. You can set most programmable thermostats to automatically shut off or turn on based on your schedule and when you will be home. This way, if you are out at work all day, your thermostat will adjust to reduce energy waste when no one is home to enjoy the temperature. It can also click back on 15-20 minutes before you arrive home, to ensure you come back to a comfortable home environment.
  2. Caulk and seal all windows and doors of your house. Often holes, gaps, cracks and leaks develop around the frame of your exterior facing windows and doors. These not only look bad, but they also allow drafts to come into your home, meaning that it is more difficult to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, and it also means that you are wasting energy and literally throwing it out the window! Buy an indoor caulk from any local home and garden or hardware store. Apply the caulk liberally around the edges of the window or door, focusing specifically on any gaps or spaces you notice. This only takes a few hours, depending on home many windows and doors you have, and is an easy project to complete with serious results!
  3. Update lighting and change out lightbulbs throughout your home. Lights help to make your home more inviting and they also promote safety. Be sure to add additional lighting in your home in the form of floor lamps or table lamps. Also, change out lightbulbs and shoot for using energy efficient options instead of the regular lightbulb type. These bulbs are often bit more expensive, but they last a lot longer than typically bulbs, and they use way less energy, saving you money each month on your energy bills.
  4. Install a home alarm system. This can protect you and your family as well as your possessions. In addition, it can save you money. When you install a home security system, your home insurance company will take notice. The likelihood of your home being robber or broken into significantly declines when you install this type of system and so most insurance companies will lower your monthly rates significantly.
  5. Finally, clean out your gutters. Use a sturdy ladder to get up to your roof. While here be sure to clear your gutters of debris such as sticks, leaves and other blockages that may develop over the year. Blocked gutter result in overflowing when it rains. This can cause stress on the gutters causing cracks or breakages. In addition, if leaks and overflows are left unattended for extended periods of time, the water could actually begin to damage your home’s foundation and structure for much more serious problems. While cleaning the gutters, notice any gaps or cracks in the gutter as well and be sure to repair it immediately.

When you have a weekend free, you want to take advantage of your time as best you can. Be sure to complete these 5 projects that are DIY friendly, cost effective, and provide great, dramatic results. Consider selecting the right programmable thermostat, seal up drafts in your home, update and change out lighting, install a home alarm system, and clean your gutters.

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