5 Ways to Care for And Maintain a Lush Green Lawn During a Drought

More and more regions are seeing bone-drying droughts. These droughts are causing a number of problems, especially when it comes to agriculture. Crops just don’t have enough supply of water in their reservoirs. But it isn’t only farmers that are taking a hit from these droughts – so are regular homeowners. With a drought, not only is there not enough water to keep your lawn looking lush and verdant, but your city or county may also propose limits on how much water you can use. So, you can either take measures to work around the drought or let your lawn wither. Here are five ways to care for and maintain a lush green lawn during a drought.

  1. Pick a grass that is more resilient to droughts. There are many grasses that grow wild in areas that don’t get much water. So, you may want to think about choosing one of these genera of grasses for your lawn. Not only will these grasses be more drought resilient, but they will also need much less maintenance, which means that you can save money and time.
  2. Grow your grass high. If you want to learn how to manage lawn care during a drought season, you want to learn how to cut your grass appropriately. In a dry season, you want to leave your grass long, which means that you want to set your lawnmower at a setting that won’t give your front or back yard a buzz cut. The reason why you want to keep your grass long is because longer blades of grass absorb more water, which is ultimately good for your entire lawn. If your drought is especially bad, you may want to think about not cutting your grass at all until the next light drizzle or rainfall.
  3. Don’t over-water your lawn. In the wintertime, you can easily over water your lawn – to the point where the roots drown. You can also do the same in the summer, but during the dry season, you can actually fry your grass. So, it is recommended to understand what species of grass you have and how much water it needs. Just because there’s a drought, it doesn’t meant that you have to provide more water than your lawn needs.
  4. Hire a lawn care company to assess your landscaping needs. If you really want to ensure that your lawn stays beautiful and green – even in a drought – you want to call a professional lawn care company, like A-Affordable Lawn Care and Tree Co.- because they will be able to choose the right grasses, trees and other flora that will thrive during a dry season. They may also be able to improve your existing lawn.
  5. Limit the amount of people walking on your lawn. In a drought, even the lightest footsteps could cause large brown spots to grown on your lawn. So, make sure that people take heed when they walk on your lawn – or don’t let them walk on your lawn at all.

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