Benefits of Having a Solar Swimming Pool Heater

If you have a pool, you may use a traditional pool heater. Over time you will likely notice that this is not a sustainable practice since the energy use is wasteful and also quite expensive! Instead of harming the environment and your wallet, consider investing in solar panel heating for your pool instead. Here are a few of the main benefits of having a solar swimming pool heater for your pool.

When you use solar heating to warm your pool, you can use it throughout the entire year without having to worry about your pools’ heating cost or extra energy expenses on your monthly bills. Often people think that solar power is only effective in the summer months, but really it works just as great in the winter as well.

Solar energy systems are very sturdy and require low maintenance and upkeep. Compared to most regular pool heating systems solar systems are more durable, meaning they will last longer, require lessĀ swimming pool maintenance and overall are a better investment and use of your hard earned money! As long as you keep them in good shape, most solar panels can work well for around 20 years, and most are guaranteed for at least 10!

Help the environment while also reducing your carbon footprint. Solar power is less wasteful. Most pool heating systems release chemical compounds and pathogens that can contaminate the air and that can also lead to diseases and cancers in humans through exposure over time. Pool heaters need to burn considerable amount of fuel to keep your pool at a comfortable temperate, meaning that even more poisonous emissions are being released into the air and into your pool.

It is a smart investment, and you are supporting a sustainable energy source. While it will likely cost a great deal of capital upfront to install solar panels, the pay off is great. You will be able to support the solar power movement, reduce reliance of the “grid” in order to be more sustainable, and save on your monthly energy bills each month. Once you install the panels, the energy your are able to harness and convert into energy is free, and you can use as much as you can obtain and as much as you need all year!

If you find these benefits intriguing, it may be worth it for you to make the upfront, initial investment in solar power heating for your pool in order to reap the long term rewards. Solar power pool heaters are effective all year round, are easy to upkeep and last for several years, help protect the environment and reduce waste, and support sustainable energy sources while saving you a significant amount of money on your energy bills each month. If you are seriously interested in installing these panels in your home pool, be sure to contact a local solar panel company or even a pool store likeĀ Splash Super Center to find out about specific prizing, effectiveness and options in your particular areas.

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