5 Easy Ways to Dress Up the Windows in Your Home

Pretty much everyone has some kind of drapery or blinds on their windows, if for no other reason than the very practical function of preserving the privacy inside the home. But window dressings can do a lot more than put a stop to peeping Toms. They can add to your decor, change the visual dimensions of your room, and filter the natural light in a variety of ways. And the best part is that you don’t have to put tons of time and expense into making these things happen. Certainly you can hire an interior decorator to create an overall design for your home, window dressings included. But with a bit of thought and comparison shopping, and perhaps some DIY spirit, you can upgrade the window treatments in your own home. Here are just a few easy ways you might dress up your windows to meet all of your practical and aesthetic needs.

  1. Hide the rod. While it’s simple enough to purchase a fancy curtain rod for your drapes so that exposed ends aren’t an eyesore, you may want to go the extra mile in order to create the illusion of an expensive, designer look. In this case, there are a couple of ways that you can spice up the top of your curtains. If you want to go super easy, you could simply drape a valance over your curtains and rod for a finishing touch. But you might also add a more permanent cornice box. These boxes frame the top of your window and hide the hardware of the rod. They are often made of wood or stiff fabric in a color that complements your curtains and your decor, but if you want to try a DIY project, build out a 3-sided box and cover it with the same fabric your drapes are made of for a matching look.
  2. Double hung drapery. You may value your privacy, but you probably still want to see some natural light throughout the day. Installing two sets of curtains can solve your problem. All you have to do is nest a set of sheer panels on a second rod inside of your drapes. This way you can fling open the drapes during the day and leave the sheers closed, getting light while preserving your privacy. And at night you can close the outer, heavier drapes for increased coverage when the interior is illuminated.
  3. Pleated blinds. These can be rather pricy as window treatments go, especially if you have to get custom sizes or you want neat features like blinds that pull up from the bottom AND down from the top, but you’re going to get your money’s worth with the functionality and appeal these blinds offer. When closed, they present the near-total blackout of other blinds. But when you open them, the sheer fabric between the blinds provides privacy while allowing for filtered natural light. And you can always pull them up for a better view.
  4. Roman blinds. If you like the idea of a shade, but you’re looking for something a bit more attractive than the pull-down, roller variety, Roman blinds can give you the quality and style you’re seeking along with the easy utility of this window dressing. Best of all, you can either use these looped shades on their own or pair them with other treatments like drapes, a valance, or a cornice box.
  5. Add molding. Even if you install custom Elba Windows, they’re not going to look that great in an unadorned casing. So box in the window frame with the simple addition of molding. When you do this to all of your doors and windows you can create a beautiful and unified look that not only makes your home more attractive, but may actually net you some additional value when you eventually decide to sell your home.

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