5 Helpful Cleaning Tips to Prolong the Life of Carpet in Your Home

Carpeting may not be as expensive as other types of flooring, like hardwood or stone, but that doesn’t mean you want to replace it every few years because it has become dingy and stained. For this reason, it’s a good idea to learn how to properly care for your carpet in order to prolong its useful life, not to mention the clean appearance and plush quality that made you pick it in the first place. So here are a few helpful hints that should help to preserve your carpeting.

  1. Instate a “no shoes” rule. One of the best ways to keep your carpet in good condition is to stop people from tracking in outdoor dirt and debris. Simply place shoe racks by entryways and instruct family, friends, and other visitors to remove their shoes upon entry. You may want to provide socks or slippers for those who don’t like to go barefoot. But overall, this is a great way to keep your carpet looking fresh and clean with less effort.
  2. Vacuum frequently. Like any type of flooring, carpeting is subject to the settling of dust, dirt, dander, and other detritus floating around in your interior air. But the real trouble is that unlike hard surfaces, your carpet can trap and hold these particles and look increasingly dingy over time. For this reason, vacuuming at least once a week is necessary to prevent build-up.
  3. Scotchgard. Some carpets are sold as stain-resistant products. However, your carpets are bound to suffer a lot of wear and tear, not to mention accidental spills. And applying Scotchgard (or similar protective products) can keep stains from forming and make cleaning a lot easier.
  4. Check for color fastness. Any time you install new carpeting there are bound to be scraps left over, so ask your installer if you can hang onto a few. These can not only be used to replace damaged or high-traffic areas, depending on how much extra you have, but you can also use small scraps to test new spot treatment products. You want to make sure they won’t bleach or otherwise damage your carpet, and the best way to do this is to test for color fastness on a scrap before you ever use a cleaning solvent on your flooring.
  5. Deep clean regularly. Over time your carpet will get dirty, stained, and crushed under the weight of furniture and people walking through. And regular vacuuming simply won’t do the trick when it comes to revitalizing your carpeting. So you’ll need to take further measures. While you could rent a steam cleaner locally to save some money, you might not be keen on the chemicals these machines employ, or the fact that you have to let your carpeting dry for hours afterwards. But one of the bestĀ carpet cleaning tips you can follow is going with a pro. Professional carpet cleaning services offer the experienced technicians and high-end equipment and processes you need to get your carpet looking like new. And companies likeĀ Chem-Dry even offer eco-friendly options that will leave your carpet dry in a fraction of the time you might expect. Deep cleaning once or twice a year can definitely extend the usable life of your carpeting.

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