5 Smart Space-Saving Ideas for Tiny Homes

When you live in a tiny house, it tends to have its advantages—and disadvantages. On one hand, because it’s smaller than most, the bills are usually lower and you have less to clean. But, when it comes to things like storage space, sometimes a tiny home can be a bit frustrating because your options are pretty limited.

If that’s the current dilemma that you find yourself in, the good news is that there are some creative things that you can do in order to make room, even in your small space. So, if you’d like to know some different, smart, space-saving ideas for tiny homes, we’ve provided you with five of them below:

Put things under your bed. When we were growing up, a lot of us were told to actually clean up the toys or clothes that we inadvertently left under our beds. But the reality is that one of the best storage spaces in your house is under them. If you go to a place like the Container Store to purchase some storage boxes, you can put some of your seasonal items inside of them and then slide them under your bed. Then, if you put a dust ruffle around your bed, no one will ever know what’s “hiding” underneath.

Remove the doors off of your closets. Here’s a cool trick that can give you space and also modernize your home: take the doors off of your closets. The reason why this gives you more room is because when there is a door on them, in order to get what’s inside, you usually have to open it several inches and in a cramped room, that can be difficult. But if you replace the door with a curtain, that makes it easier for you to access what you need.

Buy a few ottomans. When it comes to storage options, one of the best things that has ever been invented are ottomans. That’s because they come in all kinds of shapes and fabrics. Plus, you can use them to put books, clothes or toys in and, when they’re closed, you can also use them as extra places for you and your guests to sit.

Add a piece of furniture to your bathroom. If you’re someone who is passionate about being energy efficient, when you’re living in a smaller home, during the wintertime, things likeĀ annual fuel utilization efficiency can work in your favor. That’s because you don’t need as much fuel to keep your house warm as larger houses that have attics and basements do. This also means that you don’t have those spaces to put things in either. So, if you need an extra place to put items like your linens or bedding in, consider adding a piece of furniture like a smaller dresser to your bathroom. It gives it character and provides more storage too.

Build a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf. Do you have a ton of books but you’re not sure where to put them all? How about building a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf? You could hire a contractor to do it for you; but thanks to websites like YouTube, This Old House and Popular Mechanics, you can also build one yourself. For more information, go to those sites and put “how to build a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf” in the search field.

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