How to Make a Lasting Impression with Reception Desks

reception desk How to Make a Lasting Impression with Reception DesksThe moment you walk in through the front doors, you make a snap, 1 second judgment on the place. The smell, the temperature, the sounds, and of course what you see all affect your impression.

Making a Lasting Impression with Your Reception Desk

When you walk into an office, the main piece of furniture is always the reception desk. The guardian of the office building has the very important job of giving you the best possible first impression they can. However if you have just thrown a desk into reception that was too small for your creative marketing manager, you are throwing away business.

Customers and clients are attracted to quality and a feeling of authority. If your reception desk and area feels like it has been thrown together with no thought, subconsciously everyone who walks through that front door will wonder if you take the same approach to your business. You need to make a great impression on everybody so that your business reaches the maximum level it can, you don’t want to lose customers because they think your reception area is crummy.

Tips for Buying a Quality Reception Desk

1. Always Buy the Best You Can Afford. Sure, we don’t all have access to the company jewels to be able to buy pieces that would look at home in the Sultan of Brunei’s palace; however you don’t need to be that extreme. Quality never goes out of fashion and is always respected. Many men will buy a suit that costs 1/4 of a year’s salary, but they keep it for 10+ years.

Take the same approach when buying a reception desk – you do plan on still having a thriving, profitable business in 10 years right? Buying anything less than the best you can afford is madness for many reasons, but often you will end up buying the best soon after you tried to skim costs. Once you buy that third rate desk and you start getting a few snide remarks about the company going “down hill” or “cutting costs”, and that will eventually start to wear thin. This happens all the time in business – the managers try to cut costs, then realise that business is about trying to make more money by becoming better, not scrimp and save like a homeless man cutting coupons.

2. Never, Ever, Ever Buy Fake Wood! Fake wood is one of those products that scream “I am on an excruciatingly low budget and I don’t really care about my image”. Think about some of the most prestigious places in the world. They all use high quality products and they never have to replace them. Stone buildings, wooden furniture and golden watches are all fine examples of this. Take the lead by choosing a reception desk that proudly says “We are a profitable, organised and value orientated company”. If you are going to purchase a quality desk, always make sure that even if the wood is real it doesn’t look fake.

Some processes used by cabinet makers and wood strainers can make a piece look too highly perfected. This can detract from the natural beauty of wood and make it look cheap, even though it isn’t. One style of desk that always stays in fashion is the dark oak style desks. For some reason dark wood portrays a certain upper class characteristic.

3. What Purpose Does Your Reception Desk Serve? If you just want your receptionist to do basic paperwork and little more, obviously you won’t need too much in the way of features. However if you want to make a great impression, have your receptionists operating computers with multiple screens as well as the normal paperwork, you should think a little differently.

One trend in reception desks now is to have them in a horseshoe or quarter horseshoe shape, which gives your receptionist their own private area. This will mean they are more productive and less likely to be interrupted. This also means that you have room on the front of the desk to display a sign or pertinent information. Never put too much more than this on the front of your desk as it will look cheap and tacky.

Some of these new styles of desks incorporate chromed metal, glass tops and wooden structures for the bulk. These three materials make up most sophisticated looking reception desks today. Some reception desks will have a wooden surface, which is something that is up to you. If you don’t mind it getting marked and aged, that is fine. If you want a flawless finish 25 years from now, glass or granite would be a fine choice. These materials are a lot heavier and costlier to manufacture and fit, however you will be rewarded with the magnificent impression they give.

Don’t Let Your Reception Desk Ruin Your Business

Always choose the best your budget allows for, never, ever, even if your reception area is for a fake wood company, buy fake wood, and don’t let the purpose of the desk be forgotten. If you are struggling for ideas there are plenty of images online to help you make your choice.

Author Bio – Gerry Dawson, the author of this post writes occasionally on behalf of Modern Office, a sought after online furniture retailer for over 30 years and specializing in home furniture, conference room furniture, office storage etc. To make a long lasting impression and to choose from a wide range of reception desks furniture don’t forget to visit today.

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