5 Backyard Design Ideas Using Stone

When you purchase a home, you’ll no doubt be glad to give up shared walls and noisy neighbors. But you’ll also enjoy having your own backyard to entertain family and friends or partake of a little sunshine solo. And when it comes to designing your outdoor living space, you’ve probably got a few ideas in mind for greenery, including a lush lawn and a variety of flowers, bushes, trees, and other plants for your landscaping. You may already be looking at outdoor furniture options and grills, as well, to kick off the summer BBQ season right. But most homeowners aren’t professional landscape designers. And if you’ve never dealt with a large, outdoor space before, you may lack a certain vision. Of course, layout and design software can help. But you might also want to consider what you can add to your yard aside from plant life and lawn chairs. When you incorporate stone blocks or pavers into your backyard design, you can greatly expand the possibilities for utility and visual appeal. Here are a few projects with stone that could change the whole look of your yard.

  1. Intricate patio. Laying pavers for a patio can be easy as pie if you get all the same size, color, and material and simply lay them down on a grid. Instant patio! But you might want something a bit off the beaten path, so to speak, in which case a pattern or mosaic could up the ante on style. And there’s no need to go it alone, either. You can find all kinds of ready-made patterns in books or online that will tell you what size and shape of pavers to buy, as well as how to lay them out to create circles, scallops, basketweave, herringbone, and dozens of other patterns. And if you want to make it even more interesting, you could mix materials and colors, as well. If you’re super artsy, you could even design a custom mosaic. This will add an air of sophistication or even a conversation piece to an otherwise boring backyard.
  2. Pathways. Whether you have a large yard, you want to break up the space into zones, or you hate walking on grass, stone pavers are made to create pathways that get you from here to there. And like creating a patio, you can go as simple or as complex as you like.
  3. Terracing. While you can certainly plant your garden in standard rows in one corner of your yard, you might also consider creating a beautiful focal point that not only shows off your vegetation, but also adds separation to help organize your garden. And you can accomplish this through terracing. This will be especially easy if a portion of your yard is hillside, since all you have to do is cut in steps and add stone retaining walls to keep them from sliding. If your yard is flat, you’ll probably have to haul in dirt to create your terraces.
  4. Planter boxes. One of the easiest ways to incorporate stone into your yard is by building planter boxes. You can either create permanent boxes to fill with dirt, or simply stack loose stones into a perimeter and then place potted plants inside. You’ll add some visual interest to your landscaping and you can use these boxes as a way to delineate separate spaces or spice up an unadorned fence line, for example.
  5. Water features. There’s nothing quite like the sound of running water to make any space more relaxing. And whether you’re building a pond, a waterfall, or something smaller, you can incorporate products from an outlet likeĀ Teton Stone to create exactly the look you want, be it rough and natural or smooth and symmetrical. Whatever your personal preference when it comes to the look of stone, there are options that will turn your backyard into the outdoor oasis you crave.

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