5 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Steam Shower

Steam Showers provide so many wonderful health and beauty benefits. It’s not wonder steam showers are becoming increasingly popular and that more and more people are choosing to install these showers in their homes. If you are interested in purchasing a steam shower, here are 5 things to consider throughout the steam shower shopping process.

  1. Find out about the construction and components of the steam shower options you are looking at. You will want to make sure the material is appropriate and non-porous meaning that it will keep the water and steam safety in the shower. Materials such as tile and marble are often the best choice since they are aesthetically attractive while also being effective and efficient. The shower door should also be water tight, and there should be a floor drain. Also make sure that any lighting is vapor sealed to protect the lights from any damage. lastly, look to see that the floor are anti-skid to ensure you don’t fall or slip while enjoying your steam shower.
  2. Next you should consider ahead of time where you will infall the steam shower generator. Often these are installed within closets, a vanity, a heated attic or basement. They can often be stored up to 60 feet away from the room where the steam shower will be located in your home. Where you choose to put the generator will also be determined by the size. Find out which size is most appropriate for your home’s needs to allow your steam shower to function optimally.
  3. Consider if you will have windows in your steam shower. Often your home may already have a pre-exisitg window that will need to be incorporated into the steam shower. This is fine, but only if you prepare the window appropriately. The window will need to be double paned so that the steam is kept in the shower. Make sure the windows are sealed up tight by using a caulk around the edges.
  4. Ask the salespersons if steam shower maintenance can be done in the home or if you will need to ship the generator for repairs. This may be a serious deciding factor when choosing between brands and models since shipping a generator can be a huge inconvenience as well as extremely time consuming for you.
    5.Finally, ask about the in-shower controls. are the easy to use and operate? Are they technology enhanced and innovative? As technology is improving, there are many more options for controls in your steam shower, so be sure to explore options and see what is right for you and your needs.

When shopping for a steam shower, the best way to get the right unit for your home is to do research, shop around, ask questions and explore options and shower features. Find out what materials the shower is made of as well as features like skinless floors, sealed doors, and more. Also make sure any windows are double paned,ask about maintenance and repairs, and check out the in shower controls! Whether you buy fromĀ Steam Showers Inc. or another company, finding this information out first will ensure you are a well-informed and educated consumer and that you will be happy with your purchase decision.

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