Rustic Photo Frames in Digital World

photo frames Rustic Photo Frames in Digital WorldThere’s something special that happens when the past meets the future—the present is created.  With the eyes of humanity looking forward to advancements in technology, yet back to the past for a sense of nostalgia, there is perhaps no better place for the two to meet than in the world of photography.  Long gone are the days when you’d take your photos to get developed, bringing them home and putting them in a frame or a picture book.  Nowadays, photography is instantaneous thanks to digital cameras.  Plus, you can print them right at home thanks to digital photography programs.  You can even edit the, giving you quality prints that are even better than the photos you used to get from a development lab.

Get Rustic Charm Mixed with Digital Photos

And with the popularity of iPhones, tablets and Androids soaring, just about everyone has not only a camera, but also an instant display for the photo as well.  Still, there’s something comforting about displaying your photos on a wall or your desk.  Whatever the case may be, just because cameras and pictures have become so transportable, it doesn’t mean that the photos around you in your everyday life should be eliminated.

That’s the kind of rustic charm that goes great in any home, bringing instant familiarity and nostalgia to your space.  Finding ways to display your digital photos in rustic frames isn’t hard to do.  In fact, there are tons of options available to you, such as:

  • Standard Rustic Frames for Digital Prints. For digital prints that come out of your home printer or from any other source, getting a rustic frame will work almost exactly the same as when you got a frame in the past for regular film prints.  The only slight difference here is that digital prints are a much higher resolution, so any dust, dirt or cracks on the glass of the frame will show up more predominately on the picture.  Be sure to choose some rustic frames that compliment your house as well as the picture you are going to display, but make sure that if you’re planning on switching the prints out, the frame will be universally complimentary.
  • Slideshow Displays. Slideshow displays for digital photos are pretty neat because instead of just having one picture on display, you can have a constantly moving selection.  Most of these types of digital picture frames give you access to download the pictures right from social media sites like Facebook and Google+ and hosting sites like Flickr or Tumblr.  Alternatively, you can just instantly upload them to the frame itself straight from your digital camera or smartphone. Some of these frames even connect to the internet and can stream videos and music right into the picture screen.
  • The iPad Frame. For those of us with an extra iPad lying around the house, getting an iPad frame to hang on your wall, desk or mantle gives you a high quality picture solution.  You can display just about anything you want in the iPad frame, and getting a rustic border around the edges is no problem at all.  For those who only have one iPad, you can simply use the frame when you’re not using your iPad. This is a great way to hold it for storage and display at the same time, keeping it out of harm’s way while sprucing up your space with digital images that you want to look at.
  • App Stand. Similar to the iPad frame, the App Stand is an iPad holder that resembles a portrait frame, the type you’d keep on your desk or a breakfront.  The App Stand is cheaper than the iPad Frame, but doesn’t attach to the wall quite as sturdily.

Picking the Right Rustic Frame for Your Digital Photography Needs

As you can see, there are many options out there available to you and more coming out each month.  With the holiday approaching, you can expect a wide variety of rustic frames to become available, so choosing one is simply a matter of taste.  Still, you want to be certain to look for two things in your rustic frame:

  1. Sturdy Design. This is more important if you’re going to place an electronic device inside, but nevertheless, important for any of your precious memories.
  2. Subtle Print. Since it’s more likely you’ll be changing your photos with a digital picture frame than you would with a standard photo frame, it’s important to choose a pattern that goes well with different photos.

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