5 Must Have Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances 5 Must Have Kitchen AppliancesOf all the rooms in the house, the kitchen is usually the most utilized. It’s where the smell of breakfast emerges to wake the sleeping members of the family, it’s the place where the cook, baker and habitual snacker spends most of their time, it’s where families get together for meals and holiday celebrations, and every now and then it’s where you find yourself sneaking to in the middle of the night when the craving for something sweet won’t be pacified until you get another piece of that cheesecake you had earlier for dessert.

Because of the immense amount of time spent in this particular area of the home, it’s only natural that people invest in whatever gadget or gizmo will help make their time in the kitchen more convenient and efficient. But while every kitchen can’t come fully loaded with top of the line stainless steel appliances like a double oven or the most advanced technology in culinary equipment such as refrigerators with built-in TVs, there are still several other practical kitchen appliances that everyone can greatly benefit from.

The following is a list of the 5 must have kitchen appliances that every functioning kitchen should be equipped with.


Whether you’re making cake batter, whipping up some cream or simply combining ingredients, the mixer is quite an efficient tool. For one thing, you’ll never leave the kitchen again feeling like you just boxed six rounds with a kangaroo. And while all that workout from using a whisk or a wooden spoon may do your arm muscles some good, using a mixer doesn’t require you exerting all your energy and it makes the task of mixing a lot easier.

Mixers come in two main varieties; a hand mixer and a standing mixer. Hand mixers are most likely the traditional hand held mixers your mother or grandmother used in all their last-century baking endeavors while standing mixers generally come with specially designed mixing bowls and all the work is done for you with just a push of a button.

Slow Cooker

While they’re known as slow cookers in most parts of the world, they also go by “crock” pot which is a term that’s mostly used in North America or Australia. But no matter what you call it, this brilliant kitchen appliance makes cooking and life in general a whole lot more manageable for the busy individual.

Imagine serving a dish that took hours to make without actually having to spend hours in your kitchen making it. A slow cooker allows you to dump all the needed ingredients into the pot, set your cooking time, and go off and do whatever else needs to be done without having to constantly babysit your dish. This is made possible by its slow cooking technology and relatively low cooking temperatures which is ideal for stews, soups, roasts, and other boiled dinners.


Who doesn’t like a good fruit smoothie every now and then? Blenders make eating fun and can turn almost any food into a drinkable meal. Some people use blenders on a daily basis for smoothies, shakes, and even frozen cocktails. They’re also a big part of health and fitness lifestyles where diets usually consist of shakes in place of solid meals.

You can also use them to puree things like vegetables for soups or sauces as well as breaking down or powdering solids such as nuts or oats. If you’re running late and have to eat your meals on the go then a blender is a great kitchen commodity.


Like other kitchen appliances, toasters also come in a few varieties. People generally choose between a pop-up toaster (which in itself has several renditions) or a toaster oven. Both do a good job of getting the outer layers of your breads, bagels and other pastries golden and toasty making it the ideal surface for spreading creams, jams and butter.

Between the two toasters, the toaster oven is the more versatile appliance as it’s not limited to just toasting breads. Most toaster ovens can also accommodate pizza slices, French fries, baked potatoes, fried chicken and any other food item whose exterior can benefit from a crispy, crunchy texture.

Food Processor

Who really has time for all that chopping, cutting and dicing? When it comes to food preparation, a lot of these tasks can be avoided when you have a food processor. It’s similar to a blender, but it actually allows you to control the size your food items are broken down to so not everything has to turn into mush and unlike a blender you don’t need any liquid to get the food particles going in a continuous and consistent motion.

Common features that many food processors have are slicing, chopping, grinding, shredding, and mixing as well as pureeing. You can put almost anything in this appliance including fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, cheeses, liquids, meats and dough.

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