Top 5 Benefits of Condensate Management Systems

Condensate Management Systems Top 5 Benefits of Condensate Management SystemsUsing condensate management systems for your air compressor provides you with many benefits, mostly having to do with safety and prolonging the longevity of your equipment. Because condensate is a naturally occurring by-product of air compression, it must either be dealt with or the consequences lived with. Condensate can cause severe damage to a compressed air system, leaving it less than fully operational or worse—completely inoperable.

With that said, it’s vital that you understand why it is absolutely essential that you use a proper condensate management system, suited to your air compressors specific requirement.

What do Condensate Management Systems Do?

Condensate management systems offer the users of air compressors a legally sanctioned way of disposing of contaminated condensate which is collected by compressed air filters and dryers. Keeping a functional condensate management system will remove all of the condensate from your air compression system as well as separate the miniscule—yet harmful—amounts of oil and dirt that gather along with the condensate.

This practical method of removing contaminants from the air compression system is a simple, ecological, and economical way to dispose of any leftover waste. Condensate and excess oil inside of an air compressor system can present problematic issues for caretakers. In order to avoid these issues, oil and water separators must be used. When the oil and water is separated, it must be reduced to legal limits before being disposed of. If you do not do this, there are harsh penalties imposed by law enforcement officials. These penalties are enforced to keep the air, water and overall environment safe from pollution.

Even though condensate management systems often reduce the amount of oil to permissible disposable levels naturally, it’s always a good idea to double check with local municipalities to ensure that your levels are within the limits of the law. Periodically send out reduced oil samples to laboratories for analysis to avoid unknowingly breaking any laws, putting yourself and your business in jeopardy.

The Top Five Benefits of Using a Condensate Management System for Your Air Compressor

Here are the top five benefits of having condensate management systems working with your compressed air system.

  1. Condensate management systems protect your air compressor from damage by removing harmful excess oils. This ensures that your air compression machine will run smoother, consuming less electricity or gas. This lowers your long term running costs, making the air compressor more cost effective. Using condensate management systems with your air compressor will also guarantee a longer operating life, making your purchase more cost efficient as well.
  2. Condensate management systems make sure that the compressed air which is being delivered to and used by you or your company is clean. This helps to protect your overall product from any possible harm or contamination. This is vital in industries that demand sterile and clean work environments such as food preparation stations, pharmaceutical and medical laboratories and garages or workshops. Preventing contamination of equipment is the best way to ensure that your product is of superior quality.
  3. Condensate management systems save tons of money in waste removal and fines, because you can clean your air compressors without the help of a second party. It used to be that people using air compressors would have to hire a waste management company to come and remove all of the collected condensate from their worksite. Of course, this cost a considerable amount of money—something that led to the development of condensate management systems.
  4. Today, there is a wide array of condensate management systems available for purchase, more now than ever before. This allows the consumer to pick and choose which models will work best with their air compressor systems, allowing for optimum independent company use. Each of these condensate management systems are able to separate almost any type of compressor fluid from the condensate, meaning over 98% of the condensate which is solely water can now be disposed on site. The miniscule percentage of leftover excess oil can then be collected and recycled or disposed of for much cheaper rates than previously possible. There’s never been a better time than now to purchase a condensate management system.
  5. Condensate management systems allow companies to be environmentally conscious, adding another layer to their customer and community service profile. This acts as a selling point for sales teams and marketing.

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