9 Modern Ideas for Bedroom Color Schemes

Being young and free and life is so great, we may want to have different painting for the bedroom wall. If you live in a dynamic society with opportunities ahead, you should consider using modern color schemes for your bedroom walls. It will keep your spirit and motivation to ease every day in ultimate way. Here are several favorite ideas for modern bedroom color schemes.

1. Cherry and Oak

These colors are mostly parts of the classic touch, but bold ones will give you different sensation. Simply combine with modern furniture.

2. Pale White

It allows you to make ultra modern look. Make sure that the stuffs in the bedroom go on the right combination.

3. Light Purple, and White and Black

This will be perfect for modern women bedroom. People commonly use bolder purple. But light purple will look modern simply by adding tan or white and bold black for combination.bedroom color schemes 2013 9 Modern Ideas for Bedroom Color Schemes

4. Goldy Green

This is not pale but not too bold enough. It makes a great combination with white and tan. The unique color gives modern sense naturally, but it is very refreshing.

5. Brown

It is warm, comforting, but unusual. This is the combination you will like to have on your bedroom wall painting. Combine different shades for minimalist touch but working accent.

6. Grey

At first, no one think it is appropriate for bedroom. However, smart combination with white, tan, or black, and a little accent using deep orange will be too modern to miss.

7. Honey Yellow

This color is sweet but very modern. You only need to combine it with natural green and wooden chocolate or brown, and you will make classic combination on modern sense.

8. Pale Blue

This color will need partners. White and tan can be great combination for it. IT also allows you to add pink with reddish sense for the bed sheets or curtains.

9. Chocolate Brown, Tan, and Blue

This is romantic and sensible but the combination is very modern and it gives you sophisticated atmosphere for the bedroom. You will love it.

You may find several colors on the ideas are not your favorite colors. It is fine actually. You should dare yourself to try something new. Who knows it will give you positive mood when you are in the bedroom. However, if you still do not like it, you can always change it using other ideas. So, where do you want to start now for the color schemes?

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