7 Ideas for Bedroom Paint Color

Color in your bedroom will set mood and atmosphere. You need perfect color and maybe different variation for fresh look. Here are several nice Bedroom Paint Color inspirations:

1. Beige or Cream

These two are the most flexible but pretty colors. It will work well on both modern and classic house, on modern minimalist to idyllic interior design. You can also have more freedom in matching the other items like bed sheets, area rugs, lamps, pillows, and the other entire things.

2. Maroon and Chocolate

This combination creates modern sense and gives you bravery and comfort in the same time. It will be nice looking colors when you wake up in the morning and when you go to sleep at night. Few people use this and it makes it exclusive and unique.

3. Light Blue

This is also one of most favorite colors for bedroom. The soft blue gives fresh view every time we look at the room. It also gives you light and comfortable sensation when you start to sleep. Blue also gives you tranquility so you will love spend hours in the room.bedroom paint color ideas 2013 7 Ideas for Bedroom Paint Color

4. Grey and Orange

This combination is edgy and modern. People rarely think that grey will work for bedroom. Paint grey on most part and add accent using the bold orange color on small parts. Combine it with white stuffs, and you will get the most exciting bedroom.

5. Orange and White

It gives you the summer and spring spirit. You can lighten the atmosphere at night using warm color for lamps. However, this combination will nice to look at when you rise up in the morning. Add with floral wall paints and this bedroom will be missed all the time.

6. Chocolaty Grey and Pink

It makes perfect modern paint for a girl bedroom. Teenager and adult women will love to have the painting. It gives soft and spirit full atmosphere in the same time. Encourage with stuffs on the same tone.

7. Multi Color

For more bright and cheering atmosphere, you can combine several colors at once. You can make it into lines combination, or you paint each wall using different colors. It is suitable for kids room, but it will work well on adult as well. It is different but nice.

Which one will be your pick? You can choose one you like the most, but you may want pick something different than you usually choose for fresh look too.

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