9 Tips to Help You Choose Kitchen Faucet

Are you getting confused of available choices on kitchen faucet? These following tips may give you a hint on it and make it easier to choose.

1. Installation Needed

Many choices now require simple installation. However, pay attention on it and check if you will need something and if you have it. Most of the time, all faucets require the same installation but each will need different treatment.

2. How is the Mounting?

You do not want too many holes on your walls. It will be preferable that you choose one that needs the same mounting as your old faucet. Installing new one for the first time is simpler.

3. Style You Want

You may want to match it with your kitchen design. Modern style will match to contemporary faucet and so on. Consider about color as well. You will want one with encouraging color for the kitchen.kitchen faucet 9 Tips to Help You Choose Kitchen Faucet

4. How You Want the Handles

You can have single or double handles. You can also have it attached to your faucet or not. Vintage model is also available for you for more unique look. So make a decision on this first.

5. Check on the Finishing

Several available choices include rubbed oil bronze, copper, brass, nickel, brushed chrome, chrome, and stainless steel. The best pick will be one matching to your cabinet. It will narrows your choice, right?

6. Do You Want Sprayers?

Separate sprayers are the most common. However, you can also the high one. Magnetized model is a great choice for this. However, it is not a must. You can leave the sprayers if you want to.

7. Modern Touch Maybe

Now, several faucets are completed with touch handle as well. If your hands are messy or if you do not want to touch the handle, you can touch it with your elbow or else.

8. The Warranty

Check if you have warranty for your faucet. Commonly, you will get 1 or 2 years warranty. Unpopular brands may offer longer, but you must prefer to reputable brand for it.

9. Provided Service

On the warranty card, you will find services provided by the brand, and you will also need to ask your supplier what services they offer for the faucet.

Now, head to your supplier, and make your choice. Consider your needs and requirements for it. You will find the right one by considering several angles and sides. Good luck!

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