Top 7 Tips for German Kitchen Design

German kitchen is a popular choice. The efficient and effective design makes it favorite pick. Here are several tips to design your own German kitchen.

1. Bright Illumination

The key of a German kitchen is on the illumination. For quick and great result, pick lights with bright color. It does not necessarily to be so bright your eyes will close. Just do not use warm color on lights and combine it with windows and bright curtains as well.

2. Linear Kitchen Set

The kitchen set is mentioned to be linear and very minimalist. Buy a kitchen set with not so many details and accessories. Pick one with straight line but nice modern design. It is preferable to choose one with drawers more than cupboards or shelves.

3. Simple Shape

Pay attention on all details. Simple is the look you want to get but do not forget the modern taste. Sleek lines with clear look and minimalist style are always the star on German kitchen. This will remain your kitchen look as clear, clean, neat, and sophisticated.german kitchen design Top 7 Tips for German Kitchen Design

4. Work on Corners

German kitchen is also known to be very functional. Use every corners and spaces. When you have hiding corners and you seem to unable to use it, contact your designer to make one customized drawers on it especially when it includes space on your shape design.

5. Set Up Kitchen Zones

The kitchen zones will be food preparation, cooking, clean up, storage, and serving. If you like to, you can add dining area as a part of it. However, if you do not have enough room, you can simplify it with 3 major zones including preparation, cooking, and cleaning up.

6. Scheme of Color

You can start considering your kitchen in one color. Then, find a soft match on it. From there, you can build up the kitchen on the same scheme. This will add the value on your kitchen, and brave color gives encouragement to the modern and minimalist feel.

7. Smart Storage

Instead of hanging things, and put them on your tables or countertops, consider using more storages. You can ask your designer to make more drawers. Control the rate you shut all doors and drawers, ask hinges that does not trap, and make variation on the room sizes inside your drawers and storages.

Now, you can have distinctive and nice German kitchen as well at home. Those tips will be helpful for you to define your own design.

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