8 Ideas of Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalist interior design has a lot to explore. Even though they look strong shaped and very simple, you can expresses yourself as well here. How can we do it? Here are several ideas you can try for your house or office and hotels.

1. Space

Minimalist likes open space. It does not necessarily have to be big, but do not use walls to make section in a room. Instead, divide the rooms into section using low cabinet, bookcases, decorative tables or furniture clusters.

2. Windows and Lighting

Minimalist loves the natural light so give wall of windows. To augment it, we can add several lights like accent lights, art lamps, and also track lighting. It will work so well at night too.

3. Wall Color

Commonly, minimalist sense is reached with neutral colors like beige, cream, brown, and taupe. However, you can also use bold color as art accent. Adorns your wall with it and you will get sophisticated look.

4. Furniture Texture

Of course, you will choose minimalist design for furniture. Make sure that the fabric use soft texture like microfiber and velour. Beside soft textured, they are also comfortable to have on furniture.Minimalist Interior Design 8 Ideas of Minimalist Interior Design

5. Furniture Design

Of course we need minimalist design. It does not need to be ultra modern but avoid curves, and too many details on your furniture. Simple lines, firm shape, and modern color will be just perfect. Do not combine with furniture on other theme.

6. Floor

We have many alternatives. However, minimalist building with concrete floor will be nice. It can be wood, tile, natural stone, or linoleum. Or, you can combine them for accents. Appropriate combination gives you nice tones and rhythm for the building.

7. Curtains

Pick one simple. Make sure that the fabric will let the sun light in but protecting you from people looking inside. Compromise it with the glass of the window. You can also use curtains to divide a room into sections.

8. Accents and Ornaments

Minimalist style tends to avoid ornaments. They keep it simple and strong shaped. However, accents of color using flowers on view tables will give nice touch. Try to use minimalist designed vase as well.

You can also use your own idea. The key is function and minimal look you need to achieve. You need to focus on form, color, and texture and that will be all. Have fun with your design!

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