8 Advantages of Teak Wood Patio Furniture

Teak wood is always a popular choice for outdoor furniture. People like to buy a set that can handle multiple guests at once. It is not just about how nice to have a set of outdoor furniture in your backyard, but also how people enjoy the advantages of teak wood as their outdoor furniture material. Do you know the entire advantages? Here they are:

1. Excellent Durability

Teak wood comes from real mature teak tree. The natural character of this wood is already great so it will endure on hard situation and treatment. You can put heavy things on top of it, and your teak wood table will be just fine.

2. Easy Cleaning

With recent finishing, it is easy enough to clean it. Simple wiping is already enough. Stain will need more treatment using baking soda and warm water and that will be all.

3. Reliable Strength

Being very strong, it will serve well when you invite many people at once. If you have large teak wood table along with the chairs, and all people are sitting there eating and maybe treating it wrong, it will stay strong.

4. Low Cost Maintenance

The natural durability and strength already contribute a lot on its quality. Therefore, we may not need to repair everything but make big cleaning once every month.teak wood patio furniture italian 8 Advantages of Teak Wood Patio Furniture

5. Weatherproof

If your outdoor furniture is made of teak wood, you do not have to keep it in storage sometimes. It endures well during all weather from summer to winter. Leave it there, and you can use it anytime you need to.

6. Beautiful Looking

The natural color and texture is already so great. You will enjoy looking at the natural lines on the wood and how the warm color make a perfect combination on your backyard.

7. Eco Friendly

As we also know it, teak wood is made of natural sources and is completely renewable unlike plastics and VOCs. It will not make you send bad contribution to the environment. The tree grows fast too so no land will be dull.

8. Worth the Price

It is rather more expensive than the other alternatives for outdoor furniture. However, it also makes the best item as well. Comparing to the maintenance and cleaning costs, the price is just worth it.

Now, learning on the entire advantages, we cannot but fall in love to teak wood as material for our outdoor furniture. Make sure that you get the best quality as well.

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