8 Important Steps to Refinish Hardwood Flooring

Refinishing your hardwood floor is in fact quite simple. If you have time to do it, invite the whole family to help you. You will need a guide on this because we may be confused on the procedures. Perfect result requires perfect process as well. To get the ultimate result, you can follow the following important steps.

1. Prepare the Area

You will need to move the entire furniture, and take down the drapes. Close the window so dust will not come into the house while you are dusting.

2. Protection and Finish Sanding

You must wear mask and protection for your eyes like goggle, and then apply the sanding for six inches from the out board.

3. Rough Sanding and Vacuum

You will need 36-grit sandpaper for the rough sanding. When you are done sanding, you will need to vacuum it along the grin for perfect surface.Hardwood Flooring Design 8 Important Steps to Refinish Hardwood Flooring

4. Dry and Leave

Dry the floor using microfiber pad, then you must extinguish all of the flames. Then, open your windows so all dust will come out and your floor ready for finish steps.

5. Stain

Use rag and apply the stain along with the grain. And you must leave the floor at least over night before you can walk on it.

6. Apply Finish­

You can use the air based or oil based finish. If you use the water one, apply it at least three times of coat. Use appropriate protection for safety.

7. Final Coat

Begin on the farthest point. You will need foam applicator to help you apply the finish. Air based will need several hours between each coat. The oil based will need at least 24 hours between each coating.

8. Dry Final Coat

You will need to apply one more sanding before the last finish. Then, we must wipe the floor with cloth so all dusts will be removed. By then, the final coat can be applied. We will need to leave it dry before we can put back the entire furniture and stuffs.

Now, you can refinish the hardwood by yourself without the needs to hire professionals. Make sure that you take time to learn the steps and apply the steps as well. There is no need to rush. Perfect result will need enough time. Holiday will be a perfect timing to do this family project. You may need backup house for this. Good luck with your project!

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