10 Tips to Choose the Best: Hardwood vs. Laminate Flooring

Wood flooring is exciting, but how can we choose between hardwood and the laminate one? Several tips are given here to help you decide.

1. Set the Budget

Hardwood floor will be a lot more expensive than the laminate one. If your budget cannot make it for the hardwood, then laminate will be perfect choice. It serves well too.

2. Durability Concern

Laminate wood will be one with greater durability especially because it has enough protection for scratches and also dents. But you can have the same surface on hardwood now, on higher price.

3. Repair Options

Hardwood has re-sanding and refinishing as repair options. It is easy to do. Laminate flooring will need replacement, and you may not get the same exact color due to sunlight exposure and age.Hardwood vs Laminate Flooring 10 Tips to Choose the Best: Hardwood vs. Laminate Flooring

4. Great Look

Both have great look but of course hardwood offer the natural and high style look. Consider your interior and exterior design to find a match. Sometimes, laminate is already enough even though hardwood will be pleasant.

5. Possible Traffic

You will not want your hardwood flooring on high traffic areas. Laminate flooring on the other side will be more helping even though your kids will run around there.

6. People in the House

Kids, teenagers, young man and women tend to have a lot of things to do and to wear. Stilettos and other hard shoes will be a thread. Laminate will preferable for such family house.

7. Which Rooms?

Hardwood applies well even on basement. However, laminate is great enough for other rooms in the house. You can have hardwood on special rooms if you have enough budgets for it.

8. Quality

Hardwood is not the entire one with great quality now. Laminate is made of cheaper material, but it is engineered as well so it serves us well for years.

9. Expected Period of Use

If you do not want to make flooring replacement too often, then you should choose hardwood. Even though laminate offers years to us, hardwood still offers a lot longer period of usage.

10. Think about House Value

Several houses still need encouragement for the value. Hardwood will do the job just perfectly. However, laminate will be best for already beautiful house.

Now, adjust the choice to your condition and ability. Each tip represents different angle. It depends on how you want it. However, both choices will make beautiful flooring for the house.

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